Truck Crashes Into Building, Leaves The Scene #CaughtOnBlackVue

A lot of hit-and-run accidents happen in parking lots. This hit-and-run, sent to us by a BlackVue user Sandy, is no different. But everything else about this incident is quite� interesting!

Building hit-and-run

Sandy’s BlackVue dash cam, installed in a car parked in front of the Belmont Golf Club building, registered an unusual scene. A freight truck, which was standing stationary right next to the building backed up and� continued forward, crashing into the roof part of the building. The truck driver then proceeded to leave the area without leaving any contact information.

Company procedure…?

Upon checking the dash cam footage recorded in Parking Mode, Sandy and her husband (who is a General Manager at the club) discovered who the culprit was and contacted the company. According to the company, the driver’s behavior was “according to the company procedure”. Sandy was highly dubious, though – unless the “company procedure” was to commit hit-and-run – the dash cam footage proved otherwise!

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