Overview of the BlackVue Cloud Plans

BlackVue Cloud is a free add-on service for Cloud-compatible BlackVue dashcams.

BlackVue offers additional features available via paid subscriptions.

  • Smart Plan is targeted at individual users, offering unlimited Remote Live View time and unlimited video playback and downloads over the Cloud.
  • Fleet Plan unlocks BlackVue Fleet Tracking exclusive features for power-users and businesses alike. Learn more about BlackVue Fleet Tracking.

This table shows the features available under each BlackVue Cloud account tier.

The Cloud Plans can be activated via the BlackVue App for iOS and Android.

Last update: September 23, 2020.

Free PlanSmart PlanFleet Plan*
Subscription fee (in USD)None$11.99 /mo (+ $9 per extra dashcam)$24.99 /mo (+ $15 per extra dashcam)
Max. Dashcams / Account13999
Users per Account11Master: 1 - Submaster: 10 - User: 3 (per dashcam)
Live view / Day10 minutesUnlimitedUnlimited
Remote Video Playback and Download / Month100 timesUnlimitedUnlimited
Cloud Storage5GB5GB per dashcam15GB per dashcam
Cloud Storage File Expiration90 days365 days365 days
Push Notifications
Two-way Voice Communication
Live GPS
Email Notifications
Multi Live View (Viewer)
GPS Tracking7 days90 days
Geofence Setup (Windows Viewer) & Alerts (Viewer & App)
Event Live Auto upload** (Storage period: 7 days)2 days
Event File Auto upload*** (Storage period: 7 days)2 days
Drive Reports***
Video On Map***

*: subscribe to a Fleet Plan on
**: Free and Smart Plans: DR650GW, DR650S Series only. Fleet Plan: all Cloud dashcams.
***: not compatible with DR650GW and DR650S Series models.

Data Consumption (estimates)

When you access Remote Live View from your BlackVue dashcam over the Cloud, your dashcam streams data to the Cloud server, which is then sent to your device.

Use the table below to assess your data needs, based on your Live View usage estimate.
To take best advantage of BlackVue Cloud–including Parking Mode Notifications–the use of a dedicated mobile router is recommended.
Most users can get started with a 4GB data plan from their local mobile operator.

Remote Live View (Real time streaming)

FormatD1 (720×480)
Bitrate600Kbps (Kilobits per second)
1 minute4.5MB (Megabytes)
1 hour270MB (Megabytes)
24 hours6.48GB (Gigabytes) 

Unlike Remote Live View, which uses a video feed optimized for streaming, Video Backup and Playback use the original video files stored by the dashcam on the microSD card.

You can use the table below to get an understanding of the amount of data needed to back up video files or play back a recorded video.

ModelFormatVideo segment lengthQuality settingFile size*
Full HD
(Front camera)
1 MinuteEXTREME187.2MB
Full HD
(Rear camera)
1 MinuteEXTREME78.9MB
Full HD1 MinuteEXTREME187.2MB
DR650S-2CH/ DR650GW-2CHFull HD
(Front camera)
1 MinuteHIGHEST76.7MB
HIGH (Default)61.8MB
(Rear camera)
1 MinuteHIGHEST38.6MB
HIGH (Default)31.0MB
DR650S-1CH/ DR650GW-1CHFull HD1 MinuteHIGHEST76.7MB
HIGH (Default)61.8MB

* Actual file size may differ slightly.

Data usage is exactly equal to the Live View data usage (refer to the Live View tab)

Live Auto-Upload saves a real-time video feed from one of your cameras (front or rear/interior) to the Cloud in case of Event (Manually triggered or triggered by the impact sensor). This allows to keep some evidence even in case of theft, as the camera saves the Event to the Cloud in real time in addition to the full resolution video saved on the microSD card.

How to use Live Auto-Upload