Overview of the BlackVue Cloud Plans

BlackVue Cloud is a free add-on service for Cloud-compatible BlackVue dashcams, providing safety-enhancing features like Push Notifications, Remote Live View and Live Event Upload.

BlackVue offers additional features available via paid subscriptions.

  • Lite Plan offers a budget-friendly option to link multiple cameras to the Cloud, increase the daily Live View time and unlimited video playback and download.
  • Smart Plan introduces unlimited Remote Live View time and some advanced features like Video On Map, as well as extra storage for each registered camera.
  • Fleet Plan unlocks BlackVue Fleet Tracking exclusive features for power-users and businesses alike. Learn more about BlackVue Fleet Tracking.

This table shows the features available under each BlackVue Cloud account tier.

The Cloud Plans can be activated via the BlackVue App for iOS and Android.

Last update: September 13, 2023.


Get started for free, no credit card required.
In-app subscription only
$ 0

  • Remote Live View
  • Remote playback
  • Push Notifications

Get the free BlackVue App:


More Live View, register multiple cameras.
In-app subscription only
$ 3
(+$3 per extra dash cam)
  • 30' Live View per day
  • Unlimited playback
  • Up to 15 dash cams

Get the free BlackVue App:


Unlimited Remote Live View, advanced features.
In-app subscription only
$ 7
(+$6 per extra dash cam)
  • Unlimited Live View
  • More Cloud storage
  • +Advanced features

Get the free BlackVue App:


Enjoy Fleet Tracking exclusive features.
Web subscription only
$ 15
(+$12 per extra dash cam)
  • More cameras, larger storage
  • More users, role management
  • Drive reports, 90-day GPS logs
  • Geofencing, Email Notifications

Cloud Plans - Detailed features

Free PlanLite PlanSmart PlanFleet Plan*
Subscription fee (in USD)-$3.99 /mo (+$3 per extra dashcam)$7.99 /mo (+$6 per extra dashcam)$15.99 /mo (+$12 per extra dashcam)
Max. Dashcams / Account11515999
Users per Account111Owner: 1 - Admin: 10 - Driver: 3 (per dashcam)
Live view / Day10 minutes30 minutesUnlimitedUnlimited
Remote Video Playback and Download / Month100 timesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cloud Storage5GB5GB per dashcam10GB per dashcam15GB per dashcam
Push Notifications
Two-way Voice Communication / Voice Call
Live GPS
Email Notifications
Multi Live View (Viewer)
GPS Tracking90 days90 days
Geofence Setup (Viewer) & Alerts (Viewer & App)
Live Event upload*** 2 days7 days30 days30 days
Event Live Auto upload** 2 days7 days30 days30 days
Driving Reports***
Video On Map***

*: subscribe to a Fleet Plan on
**: DR650S Series only.
***: not supported by DR650GW and DR650S Series models.

Cloud-Compatible Dashcams

Dashcam ModelCloud (via Wi-Fi)Cloud (via LTE Module)Cloud (built-in LTE)
DR970X LTE / DR770X LTE Series
DR770X Box Series
DR970X / DR770X Series
DR750X- 2CH LTE Plus / DR750-2CH LTE
DR900X Plus / DR900X Series
DR750X Plus / DR750X Series
DR900S Series
DR750S Series
DR650S Series
DR650GW Series

Data Consumption (estimates)

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