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A dashcam leader

Pittasoft has set the standard in the car dashcam industry since it was established in 2007.

Taking car dashboard camera technology to the next level with its groundbreaking Full-HD 1-channel and 2-channel cameras, Pittasoft has enabled global customers to maximize usability by connecting car dashcams to smart devices via Wi-Fi and BlackVue Cloud services.

Anytime, anywhere, BlackVue Cloud provides instant access to playback, remote Live View and video sharing as well as peace of mind with emergency alarm notifications, location tracking and backup of important footage.

A history of innovations


Early days

Pittasoft Co., Ltd is founded on July 2 by Dr. Hyunmin Hur. The company focuses on Internet protocol closed-circuit television (CCTV) solutions sold under the Pittasoft brand.


Pivotal year

Seeing a new opportunity in the market, the company pivots, focusing its R&D on a promising new type of devices: drive recorders (hence the “DR” prefix in its dashcam model names).


First dashcam

The “BlackVue” brand is created in 2010 for the release of the company’s first dashboard camera, the BlackVue DR300, introducing the iconic tubular design. That first model records in VGA resolution (640×480). The BlackVue dashcams also introduced Parking Mode recording, which allows the recording of motion-triggered and impact-triggered videos.


First Full HD Dashcam

The BlackVue DR400G-HD pushes dashcam video resolution forward with the introduction of Full HD 1080p recording.


Wi-Fi Connectivity

DR500G-HD (Wi-Fi DR500G-HD in Korea) introduces Wi-Fi connectivity to leverage smartphones’ capabilities with the BlackVue App (Live View, settings, video download, etc.). 


Firmware Over The Air

The Wi-Fi-enabled DR650W-2CH enters the market at the end of the year, introducing the ability to upgrade the firmware via the BlackVue app.


First Dashcam Cloud Service

BlackVue Cloud (first named BlackVue Cloud) launches in July at the Shanghai Mobile World Conference. Upon launch, the service is made instantly available to all DR650W-2CH owners via a firmware update. For early DR650GW models, BlackVue rolls out a free Wi-Fi module upgrade program.

Cloud Dashcam and Fleet SDK

BlackVue launches the DR650S Series, the first BlackVue designed for Cloud compatibility.
The BlackVue Fleet SDK is released, allowing freight service providers and companies with large fleets to integrate BlackVue dashcams into their own solution.


BlackVue Fleet Tracking

BlackVue Fleet Tracking launches to offer businesses extended Cloud functionalities and volume pricing.
DR750S Series is released offering Full HD 60FPS recording and great low-light sensitivity.


4K Dashcam and Cloud API

The DR900S Series introduces not only 4K but also 5GHz Wi-Fi and HEVC compression, becoming the first dual-channel 4K Cloud dashcam.
The BlackVue Cloud API is released to allow developers to integrate BlackVue Cloud features into their own software solution.


LTE-Enabled Dashcam

The BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE enters the market, featuring built-in 4G LTE for Cloud connectivity.
The BlackVue X Series follows suit, featuring optional plug-in LTE connectivity modules.


Seamless Pairing, Mobile Hotspot Function

BlackVue launches the X Plus Full HD and 4K models, with improved video quality.
Live Event Upload becomes the new must-have Cloud feature in combination with Parking Mode.
BlackVue Seamless Pairing makes app-dashcam interactions more intuitive than ever.
Mobile Hotspot Function turns Cloud-connected BlackVue dashcams into mobile routers for all passengers.



Since its foundation, Pittasoft has owed its success to a razor-sharp focus on making the best dashcams in the world, both in terms of image quality and connectivity. Our dashcams use the best components, from lenses and sensors to GPS and Wi-Fi modules, and are packed to the brim with innovations. But most importantly, we strive to make products that make sense for our customers, products that are easy to use and bring real value to users on a daily basis.


While maintaining its lead in the dashcam market in spite of strong competition, Pittasoft has been working on new ways to connect people and their car, through the use of cloud computing.

BlackVue Cloud is the embodiment of this new development. With its brilliant simplicity, BlackVue Cloud opens a new world of possibilities for all drivers who want to do more with their dashcam and improve their safety.

Production Process

Pittasoft is organized around specialized but tightly interconnected teams with high level of coordination and outstanding professional abilities in their respective area of expertise.


The R&D center, which focuses on developing value-added products, is also actively seeking out and researching future growth technology, such as cloud service and connected car business.


Pittasoft has its own factory in Korea using high-quality components and employing highly skilled engineers. The manufacturing team deeply integrates software and hardware with remarkable design.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales Department is responsible for driving sales and distribution of BlackVue products in Korea and in its network of more than 50 global distributors. The Marketing Department handles all aspects of promotion from marketing materials to attendance to major trade shows worldwide.

Customer Service

At the after-sales service center, we do our best to consistently provide great quality service and serve our customers the world over. We provide 1-year warranty on all our dashcams, including free repair and worldwide express shipping.

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