Taxi Dashcams

BlackVue Taxi Dashcams protect you and your vehicle

BlackVue Taxi Dashcams monitor the road ahead and the interior of your car at the same time.
Each model’s interior IR (infrared) camera captures every detail of the cabin even in the dark, so you can always feel safe at the wheel or when leaving your vehicle parked.

Low profile modular design

The front camera processes and saves all the videos to the microSD card. The interior camera connects to the front camera via video cable.
This configuration has multiple advantages over all-in-one models:

  • Keep the front camera hidden behind the rearview mirror.
  • Position and orient the interior camera independently.
  • The interior camera can be swapped for a regular rear camera (sold separately) if needed.


For DR970X-2CH IR


For DR750-2CH IR LTE

For DR770X-2CH IR / DR770X-2CH DMS

For DR770X BOX

For DR590X-2CH IR

Ultrawide Infrared Interior Camera

The Infrared Camera secures the interior of your vehicle. The inconspicuous infrared LEDs automatically activate based on the ambient luminosity.
The camera’s spectacular clarity even in pitch black lighting conditions will procure peace of mind to taxi and rideshare drivers.
With its ultrawide 180-degree view angle, the camera can capture both the driver-side and passenger-side windows at the same time in most vehicles.
Using the BlackVue App or Viewer, you can further customize the way it operates.

  • 180° Image Rotation to accommodate your setup: install the camera the way you like. If the image comes out upside down, just activate this feature and it will fix the image orientation.
  • Security LED ON/OFF (for stealth in Parking Mode).

BlackVue App (iOS, Android) and Viewer (Windows/Mac/Web)

Easily manage your video files

Easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse your videos on your mobile or computer.

With the BlackVue App, connect to your BlackVue to access files and check real-time Live View for easy setup of your dashcam.
With the SD Card Viewer, connect your dashcam’s microSD card to your computer to view and backup footage in bulk, as well as export clips, remove sound, etc.

The Web Viewer lets you manage your Cloud-connected dashcams from any web browser at


BlackVue Cloud

Me and My Car. Connected.

Connect to your BlackVue anytime, from anywhere in the world with BlackVue Cloud.

Receive Push Notifications on your phone whenever the dashcam detects an impact on your parked vehicle, and see for yourself with Remove Live View. Even better, let BlackVue upload critical footage—such as break-in or hit and run—in real time to the Cloud with Live Event Upload.
Play and download videos from your dashcam or the Cloud from anywhere and back up important videos to the free Cloud storage.
Enjoy Two-way Voice Communication with the driver from the app through the BlackVue’s integrated speaker and mic. Check the BlackVue Cloud page for more information.

A wide range of Taxi models

From simple Full HD to full-featured Cloud-compatible 4K models, the BlackVue Taxi Dashcams range offers quality at every price point.

Model DR770X Box DMS Model DR770X-2CH IR LTE DR970X-2CH IR Plus DR770X-2CH IR DR590X-2CH IR
Resolution (Front / Interior) Front / Interior / RearFull HD / Full HD / Full HD Full HD / Full HD
Full HD / Full HD 4K UHD / Full HD Full HD / Full HD Full HD / Full HD
Interior Cam Angle of View 180° 115° 180° 180° 180° 140°

Regular Infrared Camera models

Model with Driver Monitoring Camera


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