BlackVue Ambassador Program

The BlackVue Ambassador Program has been established to reach out to car enthusiasts all over the world. We believe that every vehicle owner cares about their car’s security, and that’s why we want people to know about our dashcams in the car community.

Dashcams aren’t just a fancy surveillance gadget anymore – they became a necessity. Through our brand ambassadors we want to bring an authentic experience of using BlackVue dashcams to the car owners’ community.

We are looking for ambassadors who will be genuinely passionate about our brand and products, and who will be able to convey their enthusiasm and passion through their social media and in person via various offline activities.

blackvue april 2021 ambassador of the month - brian phillips @lethal5.0

Hey, #TeamBlackVue! Please join in celebrating our new April’s Ambassador of the Month – Brian! He has been one of the most active and supportive BlackVue Ambassadors since 2017. Currently, he is running a DR900X-2CH 4K UHD dash camera in his Mustang GT. Read more below to check what he had to say about his vehicle and partnership with BlackVue!

“Hey everyone! My name is Brian, better known as ‘Lethal5.0’ and I’ve had my 2017 Mustang GT a little over four years now. I’ve been a Mustang enthusiast my whole life, and this car has allowed many great opportunities to come my way. The Mustang community, as well as the car community as a whole, brings millions together over a shared joy for countless amazing vehicles and I’m very happy to be part of that!

BlackVue represents everything I look for in a company. With their high-quality products, incredible customer support, and their involvement in the community I know that BlackVue is by far one of the best companies around. It’s been a great experience using their products. I currently run the DR900X-2CH, but I’ve had the DR900S and DR650S prior and all models worked incredibly well. The interface of their app is easy to use, they have countless accessories and add ons, and I know I can count on BlackVue in the event anything happens where I need video proof. Protecting yourself and your car has never been easier thanks to BlackVue!

I really want to thank you for selecting me as an Ambassador of the Month, and allowing me to continue being part of the BlackVue family!”

Congratulations, Brian, so glad to have you on our team!
Don’t miss his vehicle on Instagram – check @Lethal5.0 

BlackVue X Krispy

When news of the 2020 SEMA Show cancellation broke out, Krispy and his team were saddened like many car aficionados the world over. Yet, they knew they had to fuel their passion one way or another.

Their fans couldn’t come see them at the Vegas Trade Show? So be it, they would take the show to their fans.

And so began Krispy’s epic 10K miles cross-country road trip in their stanced (!) Subaru Legacy Wagon and minivan.

On board their vehicles, BlackVue Cloud dash cams captured footage 24/7 and let the crew rest easy knowing their rides were always under video protection.

Caballo Del Diablo for NORRA Mexican 1000 Off-Road Race

BlackVue partnered up with Devil Horse Motorsports LLC, owners of the 1968 Ford Bronco “Caballo Del Diablo” for the 2018 Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 Off-Road race that takes place April 21-27th 2018 in Baja California Mexico.

With the partnership, BlackVue debuted into the extreme environments of off-road racing by joining the team just in time for the global launch of the highly anticipated 4K UHD DR900S Series dashcam.

The 1,369 mile on and off-road rally showcases the new capabilities of the cutting-edge technology contained within the DR900S Series dashcam.

During the race, Daily Clips and Live View footage from the DR900S-2CH installed in the Bronco were posted on Method Race Wheels fanpage on Facebook.


BlackVue started its partnership with Formula DRIFT back in 2016, when it became the presenting sponsor and official dashcam for the series. The competition cars were all equipped in BlackVue cameras, and some of then could be even viewed live via the BlackVue app during the events! Formula DRIFT was the perfect venue for BlackVue to connect with car afficionados. Our dashcams were met with exceptional interest and enthusiast from the drift fans during the 2016 and 2017 Formula DRIFT seasons.

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