Ambassador of the Month – May 2024

We are honored to introduce you to Alan, who is our BlackVue Ambassador of the Month for May!

Alan’s vehicle is sporting the DR970X Box-2CH Plus (get it here) and the Ultra Battery (B-130X) (get it here). 

About Alan and his BlackVue setup

“Hi! I’m Alan, and I drive a 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T with a manual transmission, which doubles as my show car and weekend ride. It’s fully decked out with custom trunk setup, interior enhancements, performance upgrades (pushing over 400hp), and stylish exterior modifications. Thanks to my Blackvue DR970X dashcam paired with the Power Magic Ultra battery, I maintain my peace of mind whenever I hit the road. Whether it’s parked at a show or for leisure drives, I can remotely monitor my car’s safety and condition, download recorded video clips, and receive instant notifications for any motion or impact. “

Check out Alan and his car on his Instagram!

BlackVue Ambassador Program

The BlackVue Ambassador Program has been established to reach out to car enthusiasts all over the world. We believe that every vehicle owner cares about their car’s security, and that’s why we want people to know about our dashcams in the car community.

Dashcams aren’t just fancy surveillance gadget anymore ? they have become a necessity. Through our brand ambassadors, we want to bring an authentic experience of using BlackVue dashcams to the car owners’ community.

We are looking for ambassadors who will be genuinely passionate about our brand and products, and who will be able to convey their enthusiasm and passion through their social media and in person via various offline activities. Learn more about the BlackVue Ambassador Program and apply to become an Ambassador here!

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