Stolen Truck Chase Caught on BlackVue DR430-2CH

Stolen truck

YouTube channel Community TV – a part of a Canadian web-based broadcaster – published a unusual video. In the video a friend of a man whose truck got stolen is actually chasing the stolen truck! In the recording we can hear his entire conversation with the local police and we learn the story. His friend’s truck was stolen in the early morning that day and he was lucky enough to notice it at the abandoned parking lot as he was driving by. As the thieves – there were four people total – drove away, he gave them a chase and notified the police, who arrived quickly and were able to arrest the thieves (at a later time).

The chase recorded by BlackVue

There is a silent hero to the story – BlackVue DR430-2CH, the dashcam installed in the Chrysler 300 which chased the thieves. DR430-2CH is a dual-channel dash camera with HD 720p front and rear cameras. And as you can see in the footage above, it’s an essential piece of security for your vehicle. It’s a dashcam that can provide you with proof when you need it the most!

For the follow up videos regarding the chase & truck theft, you can watch the videos below:




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