[Press Release] BlackVue Dash Cameras To Introduce New Cloud-Connected Lineup At CES 2023

Highlights Include New 4K UHD Camera With Built-In LTE Connectivity And Secure “Box” Model With Three Cameras And Separate Recording Unit

SEONGNAM, GYEONGGI-DO, SOUTH KOREA, — January 5, 2022 — BlackVue Dash Cameras is excited to introduce its upcoming lineup at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. All the soon-to-be-released models will be on display at BlackVue’s booth #7251 in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, from January 5 to 8. Accounting for all variants, BlackVue is introducing no less than fourteen new models this year.

Chief among them is the much anticipated DR970X-2CH LTE, a dual-channel dash cam with 4K UHD recording and built-in LTE connectivity. With this model, customers won’t have to choose between image quality and Cloud capability, as the DR970X-2CH LTE offers the best of both worlds in a compact package.
The Full HD 60 frames-per-second version DR770X-2CH LTE will also be released, replacing the existing DR750X-2CH LTE Plus models, and available in versions with regular rear camera, interior infrared camera or external waterproof rear camera.

Security-conscious motorists will most certainly take an interest in the DR770X Box, a Full HD triple-channel model where the cameras connect over coaxial video cable to a lock-protected recording unit—the Box—that can be stowed safely in a glove compartment. Beside the inherent security improvement provided by this configuration, the DR770X Box allows a much smaller design for the front camera compared to a conventional dash cam, since all the components required to process and record the video feeds are embedded in the Box unit. In fact, the front camera, which includes a speaker and microphone, is only slightly larger than the interior infrared and rear cameras. Also unique to the DR770X Box model is the inclusion of a coin battery-powered wireless button that can be used to trigger Event recordings manually, as a way to easily bookmark important files. The DR770X Box Truck is a variant that will include an external waterproof infrared rear camera instead of the regular rear-facing camera.

Our 2023 dash cam lineup embodies BlackVue’s approach to both refining existing products and breaking new grounds.

Jeongkyu Seo, Director / Planning Department

The successors to the Cloud-compatible DR900X Plus and DR750X Plus Series will also see replacements in the form of the DR970X and DR770X Series, respectively. The 4K-capable DR970X models are declined into single channel, dual channel with front and rear cameras and “taxi” version with front and interior-facing cameras. The Full HD DR770X models will feature those same options and add a truck external waterproof rear camera version as well as a variant with AI-powered driver-monitoring camera.

“Our 2023 dash cam lineup embodies BlackVue’s approach to both refining existing products and breaking new grounds,” said Jeongkyu Seo, Director of the Planning Department. “In either situation, we are driven by our aspiration to take into account our customers’ feedback and address their needs, so we would like to thank our passionate community of users for their continued support and contributions”.

Potential buyers will be happy to learn that the new models improve on image quality over their predecessors, offering overall clearer details in challenging lighting conditions.
All models feature built-in voltage monitoring so they can be hardwired to a vehicle’s electrical system for Parking Mode monitoring while protecting the battery against depletion.
Also of note, the interior-facing infrared auxiliary cameras have been redesigned with a new sensor and ultrawide 180-degree lens. This wide field of view allows the driver-side and passenger-side windows to fit in the frame for overall better protection, including against abuse of power by law enforcement, a feature much requested by BlackVue’s customers in the US.

Expect the new BlackVue lineup to become available starting from Spring 2023. For more information on BlackVue dash cams and cloud services, visit


Established in 2007, Pittasoft has made BlackVue the standard for simple, reliable, connected and elegant dash​cam design. It pioneered Wi-Fi connectivity for easy setup and management of videos through a mobile phone. It also became popular for its advanced Parking Mode monitoring function.

Since 2015, BlackVue has set itself further apart with the launch of BlackVue Cloud, a service enabling remote Live View of in-car footage from anywhere, anytime with the BlackVue app. This unique feature provides both business fleet managers and individual users with new ways to easily monitor their vehicles in real time, from the palm of their hand.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE with 4K UHD recording and built-in LTE connectivity
BlackVue DR770X Box recording unit and front, interior infrared and rear camera modules and wireless button
BlackVue DR770X Box Truck recording unit and front, interior infrared and external waterproof infrared camera modules and wireless button

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