Power Magic Pro Installation In VW Golf Mk7 GTI

YouTube user Aleksandr Sasha Kuznetsov – and a VW Golf owner – decided that it’s high time he installed the Power Magic Pro (Parking Mode add-on for BlackVue dashcams, more info here) to go along with his BlackVue dashcam. The reason behind his decision was simple – someone hit his car when he was away. Without the Power Magic Pro the dashcam was off so he was not able to catch the culprit.

Detailed installation

The Power Magic Pro installation is slightly different depending on your vehicle. Aleksandr’s car is a VW Golf and he kindly showed us a step-by-step installation of his Power Magic Pro. There was some confusion towards the end regarding the correct use of fuse taps, but all in all he did a great job explaining how to correctly install the product!


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