Cloud Battery: Check Status Over The Cloud, Get Low-Power Alerts

The April 1 version of the BlackVue App for iOS and Android introduces both improvements and new features.
Among the new features, Cloud Battery lets users pair their BlackVue B-124X or B-130X battery to their Cloud-connected dash cam to allow checking the battery gauge remotely. 

Why you’ll want to use it

Battery Cloud is all about giving you extra peace of mind by letting you check easily on your dash cam battery and giving you heads up when the power might get low.

With Cloud Battery, you can check your battery’s gauge right under your dash cam’s name in the Cameras tab of the BlackVue App.

  • View battery levels from the “Cameras” tab right under your dash cam’s name.
  • Battery information is updated every 10 minutes in the background.
  • Low-Battery Alert function: receive a Push Notification when the battery drops under 20% charge.
  • Access detailed battery charge level and temperature history graphs.


In order to use the new Cloud Battery feature, you must:

  • Update your dash cam’s firmware.
  • Use the latest version of the BlackVue App. 

Compatible battery models: 

Compatible dash cams and required firmware version: 

Dash cam model Firmware version
DR970X Plus v1.002 or later
DR970X LTE Plus v1.003 or later
DR970X LTE v1.009 or later
DR970X Box Plus v1.002 or later
DR970X v1.008 or later
DR900X Plus v1.014 or later
DR770X LTE v1.009 or later
DR770X Box v1.009 or later
DR770X v1.007 or later
DR750X Plus v1.016 or later
DR750X LTE Plus v1.011 or later

How to pair your battery to your Cloud-connected dash cam

To pair your battery with your Cloud-compatible dash cam, you must be within wireless range of your battery (for the initial pairing only). Once paired you will be able to access the battery data over the Cloud, as the dash cam will act as a relay between your phone and your battery. Of course, it is understood that your battery must be in range of your dash cam at all time.

1. Tap +Battery under your Cloud dash cam name.


2. Tap OK to confirm.


3. Select the battery to pair with your dash cam.


4. Confirm when prompted to pair the battery.


5. Once the pairing process is done, tap Continue.


6. Check your battery level in the Cameras tab.


Note on notifications:

The low-power Push Notifications are activated automatically by default once you pair the battery with your dash cam.
To manage the Push Notifications, sent by your BlackVue, tap the bell icon under your camera’s name to access the Notifications menu, then the gear icon –> Push Notifications –> scroll all the way down where you will find the Battery Capacity notification toggle.


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