Wrong Way On The Expressway #CaughtOnBlackVue

Our Customer John sent us this footage his BlackVue dash cam recorded of a driver on a highway� heading the wrong way!

Surprise on an expressway

Here’s John’s story:
“After a night of Father-Daughter bonding over a live performance of Swan Lake in Adelaide, SA, my 17yo daughter and I had just entered the 80km/h zone of the Southern Expressway. The Southern Expressway is a multilane road with a concrete centre barrier and no legal provision for a motorist to turn around. The police sometimes make use of this stretch of road for drug and alcohol testing stations as the motorist is committed to drive past the testing station.”

His daughter only just recently got her driver’s license and luckily that night she opted out of driving. John wasn’t sure how a new driver would have approached this potential accident scenario.

Narrowly missing a head-on accident

John and his daughter were slowly overtaking a car whilst driving in the far inside lane, and they were both very startled to see a 4WD coming towards them on the wrong side of the road. There was enough room for them to avoid collision.

“After all, it’s better to rub mirrors with that car than have a head on accident at 80km/h.” John told us and added, “Approximately 1-2km later we saw the Police drug and alcohol testing station and we assumed that the potentially drugged or drunk driver thought they would be better off chancing an accident than loosing their licence.”

The BlackVue user submitted the footage from the incident to the local police station.

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