Woman Parks in Drive Through – Gets Towed By Customer

Trucker, YouTuber and long0time BlackVue user Trucker Dashcam // Sweden published a guest video on his YouTube channel, recorded by a BlackVue dashcam.

We all get frustrated by various situations on the road. Be it a neverending traffic jam or a driver changing lines without their blinker on, we get it. Sometimes though, the situation you may encounter are really hard to predict!

Parked in a… drive-through?!

Such was the case for this BlackVue user. In the video, captured by the rear camera of his BlackVue dashcam, we can clearly see a car parked… in the drive-through area of a restaurant! The vehicle was blocking the way for other cars and customers, while the owner of the parked vehicle… simply left to buy a hot dog in a different restaurant.

Innovative problem solving

BlackVue user, tired of these shenanigans, decided to… tow the car out of there. And that’s exactly what he did! The car’s owner came flying, trying to explain herself and her poor parking decisions.

Meanwhile, BlackVue user got a standing ovation (and a free hamburger meal) from the restaurant. Nice one!

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