Watch Tesla’s Autopilot Save The Day Captured on Dashcam

Automatic Emergency Braking warning

A video compilation of Tesla – or more specifically, Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking warning – preventing car crashes and road kills was uploaded to a YouTube channel YourTrends. It’s not first video showcasing Tesla autopilot’s capabilities. You can watch the viral video of Tesla’s autopilot predicting a crash here.

No damages thanks to Tesla’s autopilot

The video shows several instances of what could be an inevitable crash. Tesla’s warning saved the lives of a couple of wild animals trying to cross the road as well. Majority of these situations and encounters seen in the video were captured by BlackVue dashcams (BlackVue DR650GW-2CH and DR650GW-1CH, predecessors to our flagship Cloud dashcam series, DR650S). Watch the compilation HERE or by clicking the video thumbnail.

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