Was It Intentional? Crash On A Highway #CaughtOnBlackVue

This unusual accident was caught by BlackVue user Alvin on his 4K UHD BlackVue dash cam’s rear camera.

Tailgated by an SUV

According to Alvin, he was commuting to work that morning when he noticed strange behavior behind his vehicle. A white SUV started tailgating him – and they were doing it for 5 miles or so. Alvin was finally able to speed up a bit and change lanes while the SUV remainded behind. Suddenly, the white SUV crashed into a black Dodge next to them.

Just an accident…?

This caused the SUV to cross all the lanes on the highway, all the way to the far left, where they tumbled down the hill. The BlackVue user who witnessed it shared his suspicion that the SUV driver thought the Challenger was in fact the BlackVue user. This is of course only his opinion, so tell us what you think. Was it a freak accident while trying to change lanes, or an intentional crash?

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