[Video Tutorial] BlackVue DR770X Box Dash Cam Installation

The BlackVue DR770X Box and DR770X Box Truck are triple-channel dash cams that excel at stealth and security, thanks to their modular design featuring three small cameras and a separate recording box.

This design also means a little bit more effort needs to go into the installation than for a regular dash cam, although we think it is worth it.

Step-by-step installation

That’s why we prepared this step-by-step video. If you are wondering about installing the dash cam by yourself or using the services of a professional, this video should give you a clear idea of the process involved. The video depicts a DR770X Box installation in a SUV. For the Truck version, the installation process is similar except for the rear camera, which is mounted externally.

Pro Tip: as mentioned in the video, when installing a BlackVue dash cam, it is a good idea to use the BlackVue App’s Wi-Fi Live View to see through the lens of the cameras before mounting them to your windshield. Of course, if you already know exactly where to position the camera, you can go ahead. The view angle of the cameras is wide enough that you don’t have to worry about them being mounted dead center.

More installation videos

For more installation tutorials, you can check this YouTube Playlist.
We also have a page featuring BlackVue installation videos by BlackVue users, in various vehicles:

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