[Video] Introducing BlackVue Fleet Tracking

Simple dash​​​​cam-based GPS tracking and protection

BlackVue Fleet Tracking is a dash​​​​cam-based GPS tracking and video monitoring solution. In this video, we go over the main features. Powered by Amazon Web Services, the service includes all the BlackVue Cloud features and adds functionalities targeted at businesses. It’s a simple GPS tracking solution that also includes video monitoring. Because it is dash​​​​cam-based, installation is a breeze: all you need is a Cloud-compatible BlackVue dash​​​​cam and an Internet connection.

Once installed, you can instantly start enjoying Remote Multi Live View, Two-way Voice Communication,  Geo-fencing, real-time GPS tracking, 90-day GPS history, video backup and more. 

Checking on your drivers from anywhere is easy with either the BlackVue App (iOS/Android) or the BlackVue Viewer Pro (Windows only). Alert notifications are sent to your phone or computer based on impact sensed by the dashcam, disconnection from the Cloud, geo-fences, vehicle speed, etc. Still wondering what happened? Visualize a live stream from any of your dash​​​​cams on the spot, or browse previously-recorded videos remotely. 

Worried about theft or vandalism while your vehicles are left unattended? All BlackVue dash​​​​cams support Parking Mode and can be hardwired or connected to an optional battery pack to serve as surveillance cameras for your vehicles.

Get started with a 7-day free trial

Visit the dedicated page to see what BlackVue Fleet Tracking can do for your business. A 7-day free trial, no credit card required is even available for you to give it a try. If you already have a Cloud-compatible BlackVue, you can get started now by visiting . You can create a free Cloud account or use an existing one and upgrade it to Fleet Tracking by activating the free trial.

Fleet Bundle: save on dash​​​​cams and get a free month of Fleet Tracking

If you like it and would like to get started equipping your fleet, the Fleet Bundle includes bulk discounts (starting from 3 dashcams) and a free month of BlackVue Fleet Tracking for each dashcam purchased. 

blackvue fleet tracking fleet bundle

NOTE: the Event Live Auto Upload feature will be available later this year. 

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