Van Rolls Down The Hill, Hits BMW #CaughtOnBlackVue

An unexpected event can always happen on the road. That’s why it’s wise to always be prepared – and have a dash cam recording at all times for video evidence. Here’s Clive’s story.

Forgot the handbrake

Clive had just picked up his BMW Series 5 Touring from repair and was driving home. He was passing a school with lots of cars in the area, as the parents were picking up their kids. The road was slightly sloped and the driver of a van ahead didn’t apply the handbrake. The van started rolling down the hill and despite some avoidance maneuvers, the BMW was not able to avoid the crash.

Fault admitted immediately

Clive’s BlackVue dash cam (get the DR750X-2CH Plus here) recorded the accident. This was more than enough to prove who was at fault to the insurance company. The van driver also immediately admitted liability.

And you? Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what awaits you on the road. Get your dash cam today here.

About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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