Using BUS LANE And Almost Causing a Collision #CaughtOnBlackVue

Driving in a bus lane may give you those extra 5 seconds, but is it worth it?

Bus lane driving ends in a close call

BlackVue user Nancy (@nancebynature) sent us the footage captured by her BlackVue 4K UHD Cloud dashcam (the DR900X-2CH Plus model available here). In the video, we can see a Lexus driving in the bus lane, and then trying to join the regular car lane on the right. The driver either didn’t check or didn’t see the oncoming traffic and almost crashed into Nancy’s car.

Nancy had to brake hard to avoid hitting the Lexus. The driver was in such a hurry they even drove over the bump dividing the bus lane and the car lanes. Thankfully this time the incident ended in a near miss, but what if Nancy hadn’t been able to react on time?

For situations like this one, make sure you have evidence of what happened. Thanks to BlackVue DR900X Plus series dashcam, you can be sure everything will be recorded and can be retrieved in an instant on your phone.

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About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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