Unsecured Wooden Plank Flies Off Truck, Hits Another Car #CaughtOnBlackVue

This BlackVue dash cam user was driving on a busy road when they suddenly saw a small truck ahead of them carrying a load of wooden planks. As they cautiously drove behind the truck, suddenly one of the wooden planks flew off and smashed onto the front part of their car, causing significant damage.

Repair cost paid in full

Luckily, the dash cam user had installed a BlackVue dash cam in their car, which captured the entire incident in full HD image quality. The footage showed how the wooden plank flew off from the truck and hit their car, leaving no room for the other party to deny responsibility. Thanks to the support of the BlackVue footage, the other party had cover the cost of repairs and compensation for damages caused.

Evidence in case of unexpected incidents

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of securing loads properly, especially on busy roads where accidents can easily occur. The BlackVue dash cam proved to be a valuable investment, providing not only evidence in the event of an accident but also peace of mind for the driver.

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