Uninsured Driver Hits A Truck #CaughtOnBlackVue

Another video that proves having a dashcam is essential for your business!

We received this footage from BlackVue user Steve, who explains what happened: “On 8-01-2017 while our truck was driving back to the store, it was hit by an unlicensed uninsured motorist. Two weeks after the accident, we were contacted by our insurance company. The driver was claiming we hit her. I supplied pictures and video. They are suing the last registered owner. She had the nerve to come to my store and threaten that she was going to the police. We told her to make sure that they knew there was a camera on the truck. Then she called and threatened to have an attorney sue us. We told her that every attorney would be eligible for a free video. After that call, it stopped. We were hit once before and had no camera. Insurance paid. Not so fast this time. Thank goodness for the camera. BlackVue is on 2 trucks and soon to be all trucks.”

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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We asked BlackVue users to send us accidents, near misses and other interesting footage they managed to capture with their dashcams. If you have a video you’d like to share, please send it to [email protected]. Include a short description, and your shipping address and phone number – if we end up using your video, you will receive a gift from us!

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