U-turn In A Tunnel With Speeding Cars! #CaughtOnBlackVue

An unusual incident was captured on a BlackVue dash cam by a user in Norway, in a 15km-long (around 9 miles) tunnel between Bergen and Oslo.

“A sitting duck”

The BlackVue dash cam user was driving through a tunnel with two lanes in one direction. As they were cruising throughit at the speed limit of 100km/h, suddenly they spotted a black sedan in front of them, waiting like a sitting duck to be hit. The driver of the black sedan must have realized that they were driving in the wrong direction and made a U-turn in the narrow tunnel, causing the BlackVue user to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision.

A lucky outcome

Fortunately, the usually busy tunnel was relatively empty at that time, although several cars were coming behind BlackVue user. They all managed to stop in the time. Thanks to the BlackVue dash cam, the entire incident was captured on video, and the driver had proof of the dangerous driving behavior of the black sedan. In case an accident occured they could use it in their insurance claim or to show the police what happened.

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