Trucker Dashcam – YouTube Channel To Watch When Self-Isolating

We all know we need to be self-isolating now.
Maintaining social distance is critical to help “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Although many of us complained about having to go to work everyday and little to no time left to relax at home before the virus, after just a couple of weeks of mandatory home-staying, we started to appreciate the freedom we enjoyed back then.
Still, we should listen to the authorities – avoid unnecessary trips outside and stay home

What should you do during that time, then?

We understand that there’s only so many things you can do around the house before you run out of chores.
The internet is usually a great source of entertainment to combat the idleness, feeling of helplessness and, in some cases, boredom. The forerunner of that is definitely YouTube, with hundreds of hours of videos uploaded there every minute!
That’s why today we’d like to introduce you to Trucker Dashcam on YouTube.

Trucker Dashcam on YouTube

Trucker Dashcam is a channel run by a Swedish truck driver, Andreas. On his page you can find over 120 videos from his trips all around Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

He’s accompanied by his trusty Pikachu plushie and in his videos he shows his daily drives. The trips are sometimes pretty chill, the other times filled with bad drivers, near misses and unexpected encounters.
You can take a peek at what a trucker’s life looks like, go on a relaxing drive on the Swedish West Coast, or watch a dog being rescued.
All of his adventures are recorded with an action camera and an array of BlackVue dashcams installed in his truck – the newest one being the BlackVue DR900S-2CH with 4K UHD image quality. 

Trucker Dashcam gives you an unique opportunity to have a glimpse at the outside while being inside. Plus, it will let you vicariously enjoy drives across beautiful Swedish landscapes. Give this channel a watch when you feel like relaxing for a bit, and leave a nice comment when you can.
Unlike some of us, truck drivers cannot work for home, and drive tirelessly so that our shelves remain fully stocked and we have all the necessities. A few days ago #ThankATrucker hashtag trended on Twitter – with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeting about it as well!

Important information regarding COVID-19

Please make sure to get your information about the pandemic from trusted sources only. Unfortunately, while the internet helps us cope with the situation, it’s also prone to spreading misinformation. 
For most recent updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic head to the official WHO website here.

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