Trucker Dashcam Compilation no.28 featuring 4-Way BlackVue Setup

Videos captured, edited and shared by Trucker Dashcam of Sweden on his YouTube channel are always fun to watch. Captured from a large Volvo truck (24 meters with the trailer), they give you a unique point of view (basically looking down on the road). Not to be mistaken with a crash-compilation, Trucker Dashcam’s video are nonetheless entertaining thanks to the on-screen comments informing the often quirky situations. Hilarious comments–such as “Result of blinker fluid filled upside down” when a car turns opposite the side indicated by its turn signal–are common and make for an enjoyable ride.

You can also see in this video how he set up the two rear cameras of his BlackVue dashcams (he owns both DR650GW-2CH and DR650S-2CH) to record the sides of his heavy vehicle (link).

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