Truck Hits Car, Just Drives On In A Blatant Hit-And-Run #CaughtOnBlackVue

Most hit-and-runs happen when you are away from your car. The guilty party doesn’t always provide their contact information, that’s why it’s so important to equip your car with a dash cam capable of recording while parked. However, sometimes we can encounter a hit-and-run on the road, too!

Hit and ran

BlackVue user Samitha sent us this older video recorded on his BlackVue dash cam. The video saved him a lot of headache – in the footage he was driving through a bridge when suddenly a truck appeared on his left. The blue truck attempted to quickly take over, and in the process hit Samitha’s vehicle.

Culprit found thanks to dash cam footage

The truck driver didn’t stop, though; they simply drove away. BlackVue user assessed the damages and, thanks to his dash cam, he was able to check the culprit’s license plate’s number and make an insurance claim. The damages were paid in full – the car’s fender and head light had to be replaced, as well as the whole area had to be repainted. The police were also involved, as the other driver ran away from the site of the accident.

This footage was captured on an older BlackVue dash cam model recording in HD only (the video has been upscaled to full HD).

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