Triple Rear-end Crash #CaughtOnBlackVue

Some situations on the road leave us with unavoidable results – like this multiple car crash captured by BlackVue user Nate.

A chain reaction accident

Nate left work earlier that day, driving home for the Easter weekend. He was stuck in the so-called stop-and-go traffic. As the congestion eased up and the cars started moving quickly, the vehicle in front of Nate’s suddenly stopped. Nate was ready and braked, but the pick up truck behind him wasn’t that attentive and struck Nate’s BMW. “I couldn’t go left because of the guardrail, I tried to squeeze right but traffic prevented that, I was completely stuck without any ability to move.” Nate told us. He ended up rear-ending the SUV in front of him. Driver of the white Toyota behind the pick up truck also didn’t react in time and crashed into the truck.

BlackVue footage helps authorities and insurance companies

Nate’s vehicle was unfortunately totaled due to the front suspension/transmission damage.

He told us he was very thankful for his BlackVue LTE dash cam (get yours here!) footage – he was able to download it on the spot and share with the state police right away. “I’m very thankful I had the dashcam, even if nothing else it took a lot of weight off of my shoulders during an already stressful insurance process knowing that I didn’t have to worry about proving my innocence. I also believe I saved the driver in the far back.” Initially, the white Toyota was blamed for the entire 4-vehicle accident. BlackVue dash cam footage helped the driver clear the situation with the authorities and their insurance company.

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