Toyota Driver Loses Control On Highway And Crashes

This video was posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia YouTube channel and shows a particularly dangerous-looking car crash captured on BlackVue dash cam.

In the video we see a Toyota Corolla swerving dangerously when trying to change the lanes on an almost empty highway at night. The Toyota driver then completely loses control of the vehicle, skids across 3 lanes and flies off a hill. The BlackVue user who provided the footage stopped to check on the Toyota driver and their passengers. It was a miracle nobody got hurt, seeing how the car rolled over a few times and even managed to graze the nearby pole.

Thanks to the BlackVue dash cam footage we can see that on top of limited visibility at night, the weather conditions were not ideal due to rain. It is possible that the Toyota slipped because of the wet road.

Around the 0:35 seconds in the video, the front camera footage is slowed down and zoomed in so more details can be seen. Despite being an older BlackVue model (the DR650GW-1CH was released back in 2015), the dash cam still works without a hitch.

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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