Tips For Modifying Your Car For Beginners

So you decided to start modifying your dream car. There’s so much to do, and the knowledge to absorb is just as vast. To make your job easier we asked BlackVue Ambassadors – a group of avid car enthusiasts representing our brand on their social media – to share their tips for beginners!

Here are a few of them – we hope you find them helpful on your car modifying journey!

Take your time

Many of our Ambassadors – most of them with years of experience when it comes to modifying their cars – recommend not to rush.

“The advice I can give to anyone starting their build is to do it for yourself”, said Robert (@silverhawk_6.2). “Don’t do it just for social media. In the end, it’s “your build”. Don’t rush it. Do your homework. Visualize it and do it right the first time.”

Paulo (@subiepau) agrees. “Just take it easy. A lot of new enthusiasts are trying way too much that they prefer going the easy and cheap route instead of taking their time on their build. As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built overnight.” Same thing for building a car!”

James’ car (@food4audis)

You may be tempted to build your car as fast as possible to see the results – but that may come with a steep price. Sana (@ladyzla_) tells us: “I’d say budget for high quality parts. It may be tempting to buy a bunch of cheap parts in order to complete your build faster, but cheap parts may cause problems in the future or need replacement sooner than a quality part.”

Max (@orangefury14) adds: “Never cheap out on parts. Higher quality parts cost more for a reason, as well as higher qualified mechanics/engine builders. Going with the cheaper route will cost you more in the long term.”

Be yourself

Another important advice to remember is to stay true to yourself and remember who you’re building the car for (and yes, that’s also you!).

Tony’s (@717Kat) advice is as follows: “For the new car enthusiasts out there, my advice would be to ignore the negative comments you may receive from others. Do what YOU like to your car.”

Corey (@f80corey) adds to the above. “When choosing a car to build, you need to figure out what you want to accomplish. You can build a vehicle to be a 10 second car, a show car, track car etc. Also make sure your build is built to your liking. Don’t worry about what other people think!

Jonathan’s vehicle (@elliecrosstrek)

“You are modifying it for you and only you. Not everyone will like it and that is okay. You didn’t build it for them,” says Jeffery (@hq_bmw).

Keith (@HonestlyOCD) agrees and adds his own story as a warning: “I cannot stress how much time and money I wasted doing things to my builds based on what OTHER PEOPLE told me was cool. I did mods that I normally would have never done just to get some “attention” from people that I didn’t need attention from. I think you just have to follow your own taste, style and budget when it comes to these vehicles. You have to realize that there is literally NO CHANCE you will please every person with a mod that you personally like/love.”

“Must dos” for mods

Still, there are some must-haves and must-dos when it comes to the modified car scene!

James (@food4audis) comes with a handy list: “Coilovers/springs for that proper ride height, custom wheels (rims), exhaust for that perfect note, intake, front lip/side skirts/rear diffuser to add nice accents to the body, tint windows, lip spoiler, performance tune for that extra umph. And all the carton fiber parts you can get for aesthetics.”

Max (@orangefury14) has an important message for you too: “Aim to be unique, but do not overdo it. If you add visuals, think of how they can benefit aerodynamics and performance, not only looks.”

Josh’s car (@1fasthawk)

One definite must-have for your car (as advised by many of our Ambassadors!) is a dash cam.

“Purchase a dashcam for added protection,” says Tony (@717Kat). “One of the worst feelings is walking to your ride to see that someone has hit it and left the scene. With a dashcam – like BlackVue – that has Parking Mode, you will always be able to watch recorded events and have evidence to help investigators track down those involved.”

Morgan (@audipixs) adds: “If you are going to invest in modifying then I would invest in BlackVue.”

“Must have regardless of your build: BlackVue’s dashcam. Have your ride protected!” Monica (@monis5.0) told us.

Jude’s car (@jude.wrexx)

And lastly? Have fun!

The last advice our Ambassadors have for you is to enjoy what you do! 

Robert (@silverhawk_6.2): “Have fun. The process of modding your vehicle should be a fun and exciting process.”

Danny (@Gerald_A3): “The way you build your car reflects who you are. Do what you believe in and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals.”

Michael (@weflyhere): “Just be unique and don’t follow the wave, flip the pool, let your car be an expression of what you want no one else!”

Kavin (@ret2go_5oh) adds: “Make great memories with your car and others in the car scene. We are a community.”

Focus on your goal, even when you feel like giving up. Some words of encouragement from Joseph (@_2joez_): “Now with all that said, pickup your tools and make it happen! You got this!!!”

Are you interested in joining the growing community of car enthusiasts, protecting your vehicle and becoming BlackVue’s Ambassador? You can apply for the BlackVue Ambassador Program here.

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