This Is Why You Need A Dashcam – Serious Intersection Crash Captured On BlackVue

Dashcams are an essential accessory to have in your car these days. They provide crucial footage to serve as evidence in cases like this one.

Red light runner

BlackVue Ambassador Michael sent us the footage his BlackVue DR900X-2CH dashcam captured just a couple of months ago. He approached intersection and was waiting for the green light. There was a delivery truck coming from the opposite direction, showing no signs of slowing down despite the red light. Unfortunately, the pickup truck driver (who had a green light) didn’t see it coming and the delivery truck crashed into them at high speed.

Dashcam captured everything

BlackVue Ambassador had to quickly accelerate to avoid being hit in the accident. As it turned out, the family in the pickup were badly hurt. Michael and another driver managed to get the baby in the car our, but the rest of the passengers were trapped. All the while, the delivery truck driver kept repeating that he had a green light. Michael was the only one at the intersection with a dashcam, and he was able to provide footage to the victims. Thankfully, all injured in the crash recovered.

What if there were no witnesses? This is why having a dashcam installed in your car is so important. You can save yourself weeks of trouble and hassle with the insurance claim going back-and-forth. But not only that – you can be a key witness and help other drivers on the road.

BlackVue footage provided by the BlackVue Brand Ambassador Michael (@heidi_the_335 on Instagram).

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