Thief Breaks Into Car, Steals Pocket Change #CaughtOnBlackVue

A bizzare vehicle break-in was reported by a BlackVue user, Clem.

Mid-day break-in

It was middle of the day – around 3:30 in the afternoon. Unkniown suspects approached Clem’s car in a vehicle. One of the men got out and approached the BlackVue user’s car, checking his surroundings and the vehicle itself.

The suspect was wearing a hoodie and a mask, leaving only a part of his face visible. He proceeded to shatter the passenger side window with an emergency window breaker. Holding a gun in one hand, he climbed in, rummaging through the interior of the BlackVue user’s car. He managed to steal… two dollars in cash and some barbeque sauce before retreating.

Interior Dash Cam Recorded Everything

The entire incident was registered on Clem’s BlackVue DR770X Box dash cam, recording with its front, back and interior cameras. The interior camera, which is an infrared camera capable of recording also at night, captured the thief in the act.

The authorities were immediately notified of the crime which led to a high speed police chase resulting in a crash. The suspects then fled on foot.

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