The MOST INSANE Location To Film A Car (And Capture On Dashcam Footage)

Last month we announced that BlackVue partnered with the Krispy Media Team on YouTube for an epic cross-country road trip spanning over 4 weeks (or more!).

The trip is now well underway and everything is going smoothly so far! The channel’s owner Chris and his team give us daily updates on various social media platforms, including the Krispy Media’s Instagram profile.

Recently a new video featuring BlackVue dashcam footage was uploaded to the YouTube channel. The footage was from both from the 4K UHD DR900X-2CH and DR750-2CH LTE models installed in Chris’ Legacy and the accompanying van. The team reached the Badlands and the resulting video recorded during the sunset was simply breathtaking.

After a long day of filming, the team went to grab a bite – however the restaurant didn’t have a clear view of the parking lot, where the their cars were parked. Chris quickly demonstrated how he keeps an eye on the cars – via the BlackVue app connected to the DR750-2CH LTE, which, thanks to the BlackVue Cloud, allows him to check on it whenever he wants and no matter where he is.

But this highly entertaining (and informative) video is not the only thing Krispy Media Team prepared for their audience this week. They are also running a giveaway on their Instagram in which anyone can win their own BlackVue dashcam! Make sure to follow them and check out the post for more information how to participate. New giveaways will be announced every week on Krispy’s Instagram profile, so don’t miss it!

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