The First Ambassador of the Month in 2021!

Hey, #TeamBlackVue, 2020 has finally ended and we’d like to say that you did great in these unheard-of situations. We hope we can get through this hard time together and wish your New Year is filled with lots of joy, laughter, and good cheer.

As always, it’s a new month, new year, and that means it’s time to introduce the first Ambassador of the Month of 2021, Anthony! Read more below to check what he had to say about his vehicle and partnership with BlackVue!

About Anthony

“Hello everyone, I’m Tony (@_717KAT on Instagram & TikTok).
I would like to start off by thanking BlackVue for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of an amazing team!

I’ve had numerous dashcams in my vehicles before joining #TeamBlackVue and none came anywhere close to the experience I’ve had with the team. The Cloud Connection and Parking Mode are two of my favorite features with my BlackVue dashcam. It’s a wonderful feeling that I can go about my day or night knowing that my dashcam will capture any and all incidents involving or near my ride.” 

His BlackVue Setup

“Having a BlackVue dashcam (front & rear) in my vehicle has definitely given me peace of mind. A few months prior to joining the BlackVue team, I was a victim of a ‘hit and run’ while I was away from my parked car. I didn’t have a dash camera at that time which made for a lengthy investigation. My new vehicle is equipped with the DR900S-2CH and it’s such a great feeling when I turn off my car and hear “Parking Mode on”. 

Not only does BlackVue capture high-quality footage for me, but it also grabs the attention of other car enthusiasts while attending car shows. I’m constantly asked about my camera setup and have recommended the same setup to others. I’m in it for the long run with #TeamBlackVue! Thanks again!”

Congratulations, Anthony, so glad to have you on our team!
Don’t miss him & his vehicles on Instagram – check @_717KAT 

Visit the Sponsorship Page on our website to check the current Ambassador and apply to join the team.

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