Tesla Autopilot Predicts Collision Caught on Dashcam Seconds Later

Tesla Autopilot avoids collision

Dashcam footage (captured by BlackVue DR650S-2CH) from Netherlands has been making the rounds on various news outlets for the past few days.
No wonder – it shows that the Tesla the BlackVue owner is driving predicted the imminent collision and started braking seconds before it happened!

Passengers surprised the Tesla started to apply the brakes

Most significantly, the Tesla Autopilot reacted much faster than most human drivers would have. In fact, the passengers were reportedly surprised that the car even started to brake by itself, because they didn’t realize what was about to happen.

It was later reported that, despite the accident looking quite serious (the SUV in front of the Tesla rolled over!), everyone involved “turned out to be OK.”

You can read more about the collision here on Electrek. Original tweet by Hans Noordsij.

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