Teenage Driver Hits A Brand New BMW X5 #CaughtOnBlackVue

BlackVue user Walter sent us the footage of this bizarre accident he was a participant of.

3 lanes and a solid double yellow line

While on the way to pick up dinner, he observed a vehicle exiting a parking lot to his right. Even thought it would be improper for the vehicle to cross 3 lanes and then continue over the solid double yellow line, Walter decided to stop, just in case. Not only did he stop, but he stopped stopped a little further back than the car on his right. Despite that, the teenage driver continued across and actually made a slight left turn into Walter’s lane causing an abrasion to the left front side of Walter’s brand new 2022 Black BMW X5.

Costly damages

The driver tried to settle on the spot, claiming that the damages are very minor. BlackVue user refused, and rightfully so. His BMW stayed in the body shop for 17 days and he had to secure a rental car for the same amount of time. The damages ended up costing almost $3000! Everything was captured on Walter’s 4K UHD BlackVue dash cam and used for insurance claim purposes.

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