New Tamper-Proof Case for DR650S/GW Series Dashcams

Installing a BlackVue is a great way to secure your vehicle. But what about securing your BlackVue itself? Introducing the BlackVue Tamper-Proof Case (BTC).

Making one with the dashcam

The Tamper-Proof Case combines two reinforced covers joined together by metallic hex screws. Although developed after the DR650S Series, when installed it looks as if it was always meant to be there, as it blends perfectly with the dashcam. The Tamper-Proof Case effectively blocks access to the microSD card, but also prevents unplugging the power and rear/interior camera cables. In addition, it restricts the angle of rotation of the camera in its mount, making it hard to point at another direction than the road.

For this reason, it comes in two variations, to accommodate different windshield inclinations.
The BTC-1A is designed for “regular” vehicles, typically sedans, SUV, coupe with windshields at an angle of 20° to 60° with the horizontal.
The BTC-1B on the other hand, is designed for heavy vehicles, with windshields at an angle of 60° to 90° with the horizontal.


The Tamper-Proof Case is compatible with the following models: DR500GW-HD/DR550GW Series/DR600GW-HD/DR650GW Series/DR650S Series.

A must-have for businesses with fleet

More and more business owners choose to equip their fleets of vehicles with a dashcam. Most of the time, hired drivers will be happy to drive knowing a dashcam is protecting them. Sometimes, however, an otherwise good and well-meaning driver might be at fault and inclined to erase traces of wrongdoing. With a dashcam, this means either disconnecting it, pointing it to the sky or tampering with the microSD card.

Thanks to the BlackVue Tamper-Proof Case, most fleet drivers will not be tempted to to this.

Car sharing and car rental companies will also definitely benefit from the additional security features brought by the Tamper-Proof Case.

Worth a look for the individual user

The individual vehicle owner might not feel the same appeal for blocking the microSD card access and preventing the unplugging of power cables. However, it does add a layer of protection that could deter thieves from trying to run away with the front camera, which could otherwise be detached easily. Break-in thieves might not have the patience and resources to remove the camera without increasing their risk of getting caught. Parents might like the idea that their teens won’t be able to unplug the dashcam when they take the family car for a ride. So will anyone lending their car to a friend.

Find more info about the Tamper-Proof Case on the product’s page.

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