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Did you know that your BlackVue videos could win you some nice prizes?

If you’ve been using your BlackVue dashcam for a while, there is a good chance you captured either an accident or a close call during your daily drives.

Or maybe your BlackVue saved you a headache with the insurance company once you showed them the footage?

We want to hear your story!

Tell us what happened and get featured on BlackVue’s official website and social media.

If your video is featured, you will get a gift.

Weekly giveaway

Every Wednesday, we will pick a winner for a grand prize*. We will give the winner the choice between:

  • BlackVue Dashcam (we will let you know which models are available)
  • BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X) (See product page)
What if your video is not chosen as grand prize winner? The owners of videos that we decide to post will receive a BlackVue swag bag. In addition, if we receive a lot of videos, your submission could still be picked at a later date.
(*) prizes and winner selection date are subject to changes.

What kind of videos should you submit?

BlackVue dashcam videos that stand out: accidents, near-misses, dangerous driving, funny or crazy footage. There is no rule but of course the more interesting the better. Whether it is an accident you’ve been involved in or you witnessed, a hit-and-run while your car was parked, all could apply. We also welcome any unusual footage.

Technical requirements

To be eligible for grand prize, submissions must satisfy the following criteria:
  • Your video must be recorded on a BlackVue dashcam. Any model is eligible.
  • Your submission must include the original dashcam video files (even if you wish us to blur or mute some parts before publishing).

How to participate?

1. Upload your video to a virtual drive. 
Examples: Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, WeTransferSendSpace
2. Fill the form below.

Video Submission Form

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Where would you like your prize to be shipped in case your video is selected?
In case you win, we will send you a T-shirt, among other things.
Describe what happens in your video. Include any relevant information related to the video. Mention if you would like us to blur or mute some parts of the video prior to publishing it.
Could be a name, nickname, social media handle, etc.
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