Stolen Vehicle Crashes In Downtown San Francisco, Driver Flees #CaughtOnBlackVue

With a dual-channel dash cam, you can record not only what’s in front of your car, but also capture what happens behind!

Shocking accident

BlackVue user Aaron sent us this video recorded by his 4K UHD BlackVue dash cam (get your DR900X-2CH Plus dash cam here). The video was recorded by the dash cam’s full HD rear camera and it captured a crazy scene unfolding behind Aaron’s car. A white sedan came at a high speed and hit another vehicle, which in turn crashed into a fire hydrant nearby. The water immediately shot out of the hole, pouring all over the road.

Stolen vehicle, driver runs away

What’s even more shocking, the driver of the white sedan could be seen opening the door while the car was still spinning from the impact. He then proceeded to roll out of his seat before running from the scene. It is suspected that the car was a stolen vehicle used to rob jewelry stores around downtown San Francisco, and the driver wanted to flee the scene to avoid consequences. (Note that the video was recorded with limited visibility, so the image appears a bit more grainy.)

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