[Software Update] Live Notifications for BlackVue Viewer Pro

Dear BlackVue Users, 

We updated the BlackVue Viewer Pro for BlackVue Fleet Tracking users. Version 1.04 is now available for download here.

This version adds Live Notifications for the BlackVue Viewer Pro. So far live notifications could only be sent to users’ mobile phone through the BlackVue App.
Now you can receive Live Notifications for dashcam and geo-fence alerts directly in the BlackVue Viewer Pro.

Note: this viewer software is compatible with Windows only.


Version 1.04:

  • Added Live Notifications for:
    • Dashcam-related alerts (impact, Cloud connection/disconnection, etc.).
    • Geo-fence alerts.
  • When receiving a Live Notification:
    • A temporary notification is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    • The corresponding dashcam is highlighted in your dashcam list (until clicking on it).
    • The Notification Log updates and the icon provides visual feedback indicating new notification.
  • After closing the application window, notifications will appear in the Windows system tray (menu bar).

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