Sideswipe Accident Turns Hit-and-run #CaughtOnBlackVue

Having a dash cam installed in your vehicle means a peace of mind for you – and hundreds of dollars saved in your pocket, as well!

Sideswipe on a freeway

Our Customer (who prefers to remain anonymous) sent us this footage recorded on his older BlackVue dash cam model. In the video we see him driving on the 91 freeway heading east from Torrance to Palm Springs. All of a sudden a black pickup truck shot across our Customer’s lane from the HOV lane, in the process violently clipping what he thought was the side of his Tesla Model 3. Later he found out it was the driver’s side mirror, which had to be replaced.

Sideswiper makes a run for it

The sideswiper continued across the other three lanes of traffic and the BlackVue user followed, expecting him to pull over and exchange license and insurance information. It quickly became apparent that he was in fact running away and was not going to pull over so the BlackVue user gave chase, trying to memorize the runner’s license plate’s number. When the culprit realized he wasn’t going to shake the Tesla, he moved to the right shoulder and slowed. Our Customer passed him and pulled over ahead, just before the freeway exit. About the time he was ready to exit his car, the pickup truck zoomed by, running away.

BlackVue dash cam saves money and helps the police

While waiting for the police, our Customer checked Tesla’s built-in camera recordings, but nothing was recorded. He gave the officer the number he remembered. Later though, he remembered about his BlackVue – and the video revealed he had gotten the first number of the license plate wrong when the police made the report. He was able to file a correction to the police report, AND send a copy of the video to his insurance company so they could pursue recovery from the felon who hit his Tesla.

Our Customer told us: “I was reimbursed over $1000 from my insurance company for the damage. That included my $500 deductible, which I would have had to pay out of my own pocket had I not gotten that video from Blackvue. Shortly after this incident I bought a Blackvue dash cam for my wife’s three week old brand new Tesla Model Y. I figure it’s cheap insurance that will pay for itself in case something similar happens in the future.”

Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what awaits you on the road. Get your dash cam today here.

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