Semi-trailer Vent Hits Oncoming Car #CaughtOnBlackVue

Having a silent eyewitness on the road – in other words, a dash cam – during your travels can save you thousands of dollars!

Small vent, huge damage

This footage was submitted by a BlackVue user who was traveling through Western Australia. While he was driving toward an oncoming 18-wheeler with two trailers, a roof mounted vent (approximately 250mm in diameter) came off the top of the first trailer. The vent hit the road and bounced into the grill of the vehicle, causing significant damage. It damaged the grill, turbocharger inter cooler and the air conditioner condenser.

Repair cost covered

Fortunately, the BlackVue user was able to identify the license plate number of the truck (as well as its fleet number), which he forwarded along with the BlackVue dash cam footage of the incident to his insurance company. This information was then used by his insurance to recover the cost of repairs, totalling $3,800 (Australian dollars, around $2,500 USD).

The BlackVue user told us: “The fact that the costs were recovered saved my no-claim bonus and $1000.00 in excess payment as well!”

Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what awaits you on the road. Get your dash cam today?here.

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