Scam Alert (update)

Scams on the rise

We posted not long ago about scams that use BlackVue (and other reputable brands’) product images to advertise cheap knock-offs. 

Unfortunately, the trend only seems to amplify as we head into the year-end holiday season.

We are receiving more and more reports of scam posts and ads on Facebook and Instagram. We even received photos of the dashcam a Customer received after ordering from the scam advertisement.

Here are the pictures of the dashcam – advertised as 4K UHD dashcam model – they got in the mail. When you look at those scam sites, you can generally see barely doctored pictures of BlackVue dashcams, such as the DR900S-2CH (with the BlackVue logo removed, for example). 







As you can clearly see, this is not BlackVue DR900S-2CH.

Here is a link to the BlackVue DR900S-2CH on our website: LINK.


Help fellow shoppers by reporting scams

Although those scams may seem obvious to users who are familiar with BlackVue and dashcams in general, it might not be as obvious to others. 
In fact, a lot of people may not have a good idea of what a good 4K dashcam is supposed to cost. Then, the prospect of a good deal can lure them to purchase a less than ideal product.
To add to the confusion, a lot of those scams advertise “50% off” deals. This increases the perceived value in shoppers’ eyes, while the actual value of the product is probably much lower than even the low asking price.

If you know BlackVue, you probably won’t fall for those scams but this is where you can help!

Reporting on Facebook: 

A majority of these scams use Facebook to spread, since everyone likes to share a good deal with their friends.

However, if you suspect a Facebook post to be a scam, you can take action and report it (and feel good for sparing fellow shoppers some serious headaches).
See below how to do this.

1. Click on the three dots next to a scam post. Click “Find support or report post/video”.

2.  From the list, choose “Something else”.

3.  Select “Fraud or Scam” and click “Send”.


Reporting in the BlackVue Help Center:

Additionally, we are keeping in our Help Center a list of scams meant to be updated as users report more of those: 

If you have a doubt about a suspected scam or want to report one to us, feel free to check that post and contribute.

Thank you for your cooperation!




Please be aware that there is a new scam involving dashcams advertised as BlackVue. According to a Facebook post (screenshots below), BlackVue DR900S-2CH (retail value $499) is being sold for $49.90. [Note that the post may not state the product to be exactly DR900S-2CH but it generally uses imagery intended to confuse potential victims into thinking that they are buying a BlackVue product].
Please note that this is not our official distributor nor a reseller. Images and footage on the linked site appear to be stolen from multiple dashcam websites (including our’s but also our competitors’ site).

By purchasing this product, we cannot guarantee that you will be receiving a genuine BlackVue product. Please order via our website or authorized sellers (listed here:

Thank you.

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