Road Rage WITH A GUN #CaughtOnBlackVue

Dashcam footage can be important not only when settling insurance matters. It can also help with criminal cases.

BlackVue user Paul sent us this footage captured by his BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam (recently replaced by the DR900X-2CH dashcam, available here). He passed a slow driver on a two-lane road. The other driver, not happy with this situation, tailed Paul all the way to the stop sign, where he pulled right next to Paul’s car. And then… he pulled a gun on him!

Understandably stunned, Paul immediately took off, calling 911 to report this. The other driver was still chasing Paul and a mile down the road he noticed in his mirror that the driver was approaching him now. As he reached for his gun again, Paul drove off quickly and lost the perpetrator.

By that time, the police arrived to question Paul about the offender – what he looked like, what his license plates number was, what he was wearing and so on.

“Honestly, when you have a gun pointed at your face, you don’t think about ANYTHING other than just getting away! I felt so bad when I got home because I felt like I didn’t give the officer anything he could go on. And suddenly, I remembered: Wait!! I have a BlackVue dashcam!!” Paul told us.

He quickly pulled the footage from his BlackVue and showed it to the detectives the very next day. Thanks to the BlackVue, which recorded the entire incident in 4K quality (and fullHD quality for the rear camera footage!) , the detectives were able to make a positive ID. The other driver apparently had several run-ins with the law. Paul continued,

“As the result of my BlackVue footage, the detectives were able to present the evidence to a judge who promptly issued a warrant for the perp’s arrest. Thank you, BlackVue!”

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