Red Light Runner’s Crash #CaughtOnBlackVue

Why running a red light is never a good idea – an example.

Some might think they are above the rules on the road, and this video is an example why this type of thinking leads to serious consequences.

BlackVue user Gabe512 told us he couldn’t believe he witnessed this crazy accident. He was waiting at a red light at an intersection when a white SUV, coming from the opposite direction, failed to stop and crashed right onto oncoming traffic. The BMW they collided with skidded quite a distance, losing its tire.

Although the accident looked serious, the BlackVue user who witnessed the crash confirmed everyone was okay, if in shock. He also took everyone’s email addresses (including the police officer at the scene) and provided them with the video of the collision in case of an insurance battle.

Gabe 512 told us: “Even though I haven’t been in an accident (with my dashcam), I have caught many wrecks, even hit-and-runs! It’s nice to have the opportunity to help someone or the cops by having a video of the incident. Dashcams DO NOT take sides and only provide irrefutable evidence.”

And you? Don’t wait until after something happens. Get your dashcam today here.


Please remember that #CaughtOnBlackVue an ongoing event and it’s never too late to send us your video!

This week’s winner chose the BlackVue DR900S-2CH as his prize.

Please remember that #CaughtOnBlackVue an ongoing event and it’s never too late to send us your video! All you have to do is fill in the form and upload your BlackVue video (instructions on how to do so here). Every week we will pick a winner of the grand prize (either the BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K dashcam or the Power Magic Ultra Battery). Even if you don’t receive the grand prize, if your video is published on our blog or social media, you will receive a guaranteed BlackVue swag bag full of goodies!

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