Red Light Runner May Get Additional Charges Thanks To Dashcam Footage #CaughtOnBlackVue

Having a dashcam not only gives you a peace of mind, but helps to serve justice as well! Today’s #CaughtOnBlackVue is the perfect example of this.

Encounter with a red light runner

BlackVue user Elliott was driving home to his wife and 21-month twins. He waited at the intersection to turn left – even waited for some red-light runners to pass – before turning. Then, suddenly a car hit him – it was a car coming from the opposite side at almost full speed. The other driver refused to admit fault at first – but then Elliott’s wife, who rushed to the scene, reminded him they had a BlackVue DR900S-2CH IR dashcam (updated DR900X-2CH IR model available here) installed in their Volvo. The footage showed overwhelming evidence that the black car driver was at fault.

While the insurance is working out the details, the city is now also investigating the case.

Additional charges determined

The police determined additional charges to the person running the light – she didn’t “just” miss the red light. The footage has also shown that she was traveling between lanes at excess speeds (speed upon impact was calculated based on the video). She didn’t brake, she didn’t avoid hitting Elliott’s car, and she denied being on the phone – although upon zooming in on the footage something resembling phone reflection can be seen despite tinted windows. Thanks to the BlackVue footage, prosecutors are building a stronger case against the culprit.

Elliott, who is an active duty Air Force, told us: “I spent my Independence Day in the hospital. I now have no car to make my 2 hour one way trip to see my family on the weekend. No vehicle to take my kids around, but I am alive. My Volvo kept me safe, my BlackVue had my back. So many are now asking me what camera I used.”

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