Red Light Runner Accident #CaughtOnBlackVue

A red light run that ended in a serious accident was caught on BlackVue’s older model (DR650GW-2CH, you can purchase its successor the DR750S-2CH here on our website).

This footage, sent to us by a BlackVue user William, shows the importance of having a dashcam as an eyewitness.

Although when we see the video it’s obvious who is at fault in this case (the driver who ignored the red light), without the dashcam it would be his word against her. Thankfully, the driver of the other car (a young woman and her child) was okay, despite being shaken up by the accident. Her minivan, on the other hand, was totaled. The culprit swore he wasn’t the one who ran the red light! Thankfully, everything was recorded  and ready to use as evidence.

You can watch the video here or by clicking the thumbnail above.


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