Reasons You Need a Parking Mode Accessory for your BlackVue Dashcam

You know how the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words. After reviewing #CaughtOnBlackVue footage over the years, we believe a video is worth even more!

With our ongoing #CaughtOnBlackVue event, BlackVue users send us footage captured by their BlackVue dashcams. We’ve seen and learnt about hundreds of cases in which a dashcam saved the driver thousands of dollars in repairs or helped to catch the culprit. Sometimes, footage captured on dashcam is just so crazy that nobody could be blamed for not believing it without seeing it.

To be able to record while your car is parked, most BlackVue dashcams require a Parking Mode accessory. BlackVue Parking Mode activates after the dashcam’s accelerometer detects that the vehicle is stationary for five minutes. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about running out of memory – your BlackVue is active all the time but does not write to the memory card in Parking Mode (unless a movement is detected or an impact or vibration is picked up by the dashcam’s accelerometer). And if your BlackVue supports Time Lapse Parking Mode, it can record tens of hours of footage before looping. You can learn more details about how Parking Mode works here.

Your defense against hit & runs

Although hit & runs don’t necessarily happen only when your vehicle is stationary, it’s usually the case. If somebody hits your car when you are parked outside of a shopping mall and doesn’t leave a note, you can always check your BlackVue footage. In many instances, a license plate can be identified and forwarded to your insurance company or the police.

Police were impressed with this hit & run footage. The BlackVue user got the license plate, the culprit’s face and the company’s name as well.
A hit & run can be discovered even days later.

Friendly neighbors�?

Pairing a Parking Mode accessory with your dashcam can save a lot of trouble in case the person who hits your car turns out to be� your neighbor.

No note, no apology left for this neighbor!
Hit & runs in the neighborhood happen more often than we think.

Leaving your car in the hands of a stranger

Be it a repair shop or a car wash, leaving your car in the hands of a stranger is always nerve-wracking. BlackVue dashcam recording in Parking Mode will let you check the footage afterwards and confirm if there’s anything amiss!

In this video, car wash employees disregarded the car owner’s instructions and damaged the vehicle. Thankfully, a BlackVue dashcam was recording.

BlackVue offers several options when it comes to the Parking Mode accessories. You can find a handy overview of all available BlackVue Parking Mode accessories here. But if you’re still unsure which Parking Mode accessory will be the best fit for you and your car, we recommend checking out this article that will help you decide!

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