Rear-ended While Yielding to an Ambulance #CaughtOnBlackVue

While the vast majority of rear-end accidents is ruled in favor of the rear-ended driver, that is not always the case.

This video was sent to us by Blackue user Hajker. As he approached a road junction, he stopped to yield to an upcoming ambulance as well as a passing bicycle. The Mercedes driver behind him, however, did not manage to stop as well, rear-ending Hajker’s vehicle.

Having a dashcam installed in your car gives you a peace of mind. In some situations though, just the front dashcam is not enough. BlackVue dual dashcams give you a chance to monitor both front and rear of your car, and capture the whole story if anything happens. This was the case for Hajker – he had an older BlackVue dashcam model installed in his vehicle (you can take a look at one of this model’s successors here). Although little could be said about the front camera’s footage, what was captured by the rear camera immediately cleared up the situation.

You never know what situations wait ahead (or behind!) on the road. Expect the unexpected and install a dashcam in your vehicle today. Get your BlackVue here. You can also learn more about an entire new BlackVue dashcam lineup here!


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