Quick View Notifications: Check Instantly On Your Vehicle in Case of Event

The latest firmware updates for DR750S and DR900S Series introduce new Cloud features that improve the user experience significantly. One of the new features is Quick View Notifications, which makes Event notifications more interactive.


Dashcam models: all DR900S-1CH/2CH (with firmware 1.008 and up) and DR750S-1CH/2CH (with firmware 1.013 and up).
BlackVue App: version 2.84 (iOS/Android).

Reminder about Push Notification alerts

Cloud-compatible BlackVue users can have their dashcam send them Push Notifications in case of Event.

For reminder, Event videos are recorded when the dashcam senses an impact or sudden change of speed.
Users can opt to receive alert notifications in case of:

  • Manual Events
  • Normal Events (while driving)
  • Parking Mode Events.

When tapping on a Push Notification, the BlackVue App opens.

What changes with Quick View Notifications

The Quick View Notifications introduce a new flow:

  1. The dashcam sends notifications both when the Event starts (such as “Impact detected”) and when it ends (“Event recording saved”).
  2. The notification message now includes a thumbnail.
  3. Tapping the notification will open a popup with larger image in the BlackVue App.
  4. The popup lets the user directly check Remote Live View (“Event start” notification) or a Quick Play version of the saved video (“Event end” notification).


  • In case of “Event recording saved”, the Quick Play version of the video plays from the dashcam over the Cloud (front camera view only). Quick Play videos use BlackVue’s sub-stream technology, which saves a low-resolution version alongside the original full resolution video. If you would like to access the full-resolution video, as well as the rear camera view, you can still do so via the BLACKVUE CLOUD menu.
  • Like other app notifications, the Quick View Notifications only work if you are not using the BlackVue App when the notification is sent. While using the app, a toast popup will be displayed at the bottom of the screen informing you of the Event start/end.

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