Pro Installation of BlackVue DR650S-2CH in Tesla Model X

If you are the owner of a Tesla Model X, chances are you’re looking to equip your vehicle with the best dashcam to protect it on the go and while parked. Enter BlackVue DR650S-2CH. According to the article written for, website dedicated to all things Tesla: “the cameras simply shoot in amazing quality but also with a useful wide angle of view (129 degrees). Most Tesla owners that have BlackVue cameras, even the older generation DR650GW, will swear by it.” However, the dashcam installation in Model X can be tricky, so check out some suggestions & tips shared in the article HERE.

The article is full of detailed pictures and will give you a good idea of what you need to keep in mind for an installation that will achieve this “factory” look.
Special shout out to Johnny at  Calibred Customs in Los Angeles for this superb installation: if you are in the Los Angeles area looking for an experienced installer, you might want to give him a call.

Check the original article on Teslarati.

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