[Press Release] BlackVue Launches DR770X Box, A Triple-Camera Cloud-Compatible Dash Cam With Separate Secure Recording Unit

The dash cam features three small-sized cameras and a separate lock-protected recording unit that can be easily secured in a glove compartment.

BlackVue, a leading dash cam manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of its latest innovation, the DR770X Box. Designed with triple-camera protection and lock-protected recording unit, the DR770X Box is the ultimate dash cam choice for drivers and fleet owners looking for maximum stealth and security.

The DR770X Box features front, interior, and rear cameras that connect via coaxial video cable to the lock-protected “Box” recording unit, which can be easily stowed away in a glove compartment. The cameras use Full HD Sony STARVISâ„¢ image sensors for the best image quality under any light, and the interior camera can record even in full darkness with its infrared LEDs. Also available is the DR770X Box Truck. It shares the same design and features but with an externally mounted rear camera that connects via a fifteen-meter video cable, which makes it suited for installation in box trucks, buses and heavy vehicles. The DR770X Box Truck rear camera is a waterproof IP69K-rated unit, meaning it can withstand power-washing. Additionally, the DR770X Box models come with a wireless “SOS” button that allows users to trigger event recordings manually.

Stealth and security are paramount in the design of the DR770X Box. The main unit’s key-operated locking mechanism protects the microSD card as well as the cable connectors. All three miniature-sized cameras also include their own locking mechanism to restrict the rotation of the cameras and prevent the unplugging of the video cables.

The DR770X Box also comes with native Parking Mode support via the included hardwiring cable. This feature ensures that the vehicle is always protected, even when parked. The Parking Mode feature includes a built-in voltage monitor to protect the vehicle battery, and it can be easily customized in the BlackVue App.

We believe the DR770X Box design maximizes the security not only of the vehicle but also of the dash cam itself

Noman Rao, Product Planning Manager

A noteworthy feature of the DR770X Box is its ultrawide infrared interior camera. The camera secures the interior of the vehicle, and its infrared LEDs automatically activate based on the ambient light. The camera’s ultrawide 180-degree view angle allows it to simultaneously capture both the driver-side and passenger-side windows in most vehicles. This can prove helpful to protect the interior of the vehicle but also deter abuse of power by law enforcement officers during traffic stops, which is sadly a concern expressed by users in countries like the United States. Users can further customize the camera’s operations with the BlackVue App or Viewer, including rotating the image 180 degrees and turning the security LED on or off for stealth in Parking Mode.

The DR770X Box also includes GPS, Wi-Fi, and optional LTE connectivity. The included external GPS embeds speed and location data in recorded videos, allowing users to view the camera’s location on a map during playback in the BlackVue App or Viewer. Wi-Fi allows users to connect to their BlackVue with a smartphone or tablet for fast file transfer, and it also lets the camera connect to BlackVue Cloud using a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (router). For the best cloud experience, users can connect the optional LTE connectivity module to the USB port.
With BlackVue Cloud, owners can track their vehicle and look through any of the three cameras’ lenses in real-time via the BlackVue App or Viewer. BlackVue Cloud also includes standout security features like impact notifications and automatic upload of event footage, which are especially useful when combined with Parking Mode.

“Whether the aim is to protect an individual vehicle or a whole fleet, we believe the DR770X Box design maximizes the security not only of the vehicle but also of the dash cam itself”, said Noman Rao, BlackVue Product Planning Manager at Pittasoft.

Other notable features of the DR770X Box include built-in speaker, impact sensor, and motion detection. The dash cam tells users when it turns on, shuts down, or detects errors, through the speaker embedded in the front-facing camera. The front camera’s built-in accelerometer detects impacts to trigger event recording, and it enables Parking Mode when stationary for five minutes. BlackVue tags all videos (Normal, Event, Parking Mode, etc.) so that users can filter them and quickly find the ones they need in the BlackVue App or Viewer.

The DR770X Box seamlessly pairs with the BlackVue App, making setup a breeze. Whether one wants to browse their dash cam’s files and settings or connect their dash cam to the cloud, BlackVue’s Seamless Pairing makes everything effortless.

The DR770X Box is available for purchase from authorized BlackVue retailers worldwide. For more information, interested buyers should visit the BlackVue website or contact BlackVue Customer Support.

STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Established in 2007, Pittasoft has made BlackVue the standard for simple, reliable, connected and elegant dash​cam design. It pioneered Wi-Fi connectivity for easy setup and management of videos through a mobile phone. It also became popular for its advanced Parking Mode monitoring function.
Since 2015, BlackVue has set itself further apart with the launch of BlackVue Cloud, a service enabling remote Live View of in-car footage from anywhere, anytime with the BlackVue app. This unique feature provides both business fleet managers and individual users with new ways to easily monitor their vehicles in real time, from the palm of their hand.

BlackVue DR770X Box Main Unit, Wireless Button, Front, Rear and Interior Cameras
BlackVue DR770X Box Truck Main Unit, Wireless Button, Front, Interior and External Waterproof Cameras
DR770X Box Built-in Tamper-Proofing
DR770X Box Built-in Tamper-Proofing

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