[Press Release] BlackVue Dash Cams With AI-Powered Driver Monitoring System Aim To Improve Safety At The Wheel

New DMC200 Camera Detects And Warns Against Risky Behavior Such As Drowsiness Or Distraction And Comes With A Choice Of Three Road-Facing Camera Units.

SEONGNAM, GYEONGGI, SOUTH KOREA, April 6, 2022 — BlackVue Dash Cameras is excited to announce the launch of the BlackVue AI-powered Driver Monitoring System (DMS) lineup globally. The models record both the road ahead and the interior of the vehicle, all while analyzing the driver’s behavior and providing real-time alerts in case of drowsiness or distraction. In that sense, the BlackVue DMS models are ideal for individual users looking to improve safety on their daily commute thanks to the audiovisual warnings in case of drowsiness or distractions, for example, as well as fleet managers looking to promote healthy driving habits. The BlackVue Driver Monitoring Camera, or DMC200, is available at launch with a choice of three road-facing cameras. The DR900X-2CH DMS Plus features a 4K front camera, the DR750X-2CH DMS Plus has a Full HD 60 frames per second main unit, and the DR750X-2CH DMS LTE Plus includes a built-in 4G LTE antenna. All models support Cloud connectivity, which makes them compatible with the BlackVue Cloud and BlackVue Fleet Tracking services.

BlackVue manufacturer Pittasoft has ensured the AI capabilities of the DMC200 are optimized to reliably detect a range of behaviors in diverse circumstances. After an initial calibration process of thirty seconds to two minutes�which is performed seamlessly as the driver is first detected�the DMC200 can accurately recognize drowsiness and distraction patterns. Other detected statuses include the wearing of a mask or the presence of the driver. In the case of drowsiness, which is the most critical status to track, the camera includes two alert levels, with the second level triggering when drowsiness is detected twice within a short period of time. Users can activate the detection of each status as needed, so for instance if mask wearing or hand distractions are not a concern, those can be toggled off.

In addition to the real-time alerts, including beep sound and blinking colored LEDs, the DMC200 generates notifications and driving reports as long as the camera is connected to BlackVue Cloud. Those driving reports include graphical representations of the data generated by the DMC200 along with the GPS and accelerometer-generated reports. They can be consulted in the BlackVue App or from any web browser at The reports can help identify potential safety issues and prompt fleet managers to optimize drivers’ shifts with regard to their health. “With the DMC200, we wanted to create a product that can help individual drivers feel safer on their daily commute and give fleet managers extra peace of mind”, said Hyein Yoon, Project Manager at BlackVue manufacturer Pittasoft.

While the driver-monitoring features are the DMC200’s main focus, the wide field of view and the image quality of the infrared camera sporting a Sony STARVIS™ sensor make it a great option to record the interior of the vehicle as well. The videos recorded by the DMC200 are saved on the microSD card of the front camera unit, the same way it would work with any rear or interior auxiliary camera. The DMC200 can even record in Parking Mode, protecting parked vehicles, although the AI detection features will be deactivated in that mode, in order to minimize power consumption.

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Established in 2007, Pittasoft has made BlackVue the standard for simple, reliable, connected and elegant dash​cam design. It pioneered Wi-Fi connectivity for easy setup and management of videos through a mobile phone. It also became popular for its advanced Parking Mode monitoring function.
Since 2015, BlackVue has set itself further apart with the launch of BlackVue Cloud, a service enabling remote Live View of in-car footage from anywhere, anytime with the BlackVue app. This unique feature provides both business fleet managers and individual users with new ways to easily monitor their vehicles in real time, from the palm of their hand.

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